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Tabs Layout


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Designed As Modules

Get smallest size of plugins for each case.

Module feature

Touch/Swipe Gestures

Switch between slides easy and flexibility with support swipe gestures, especially with tabs have many slides or on the mobile devices.
Tested on iOS, Android, Window Phone device.

Swipe gestures feature

Huge Effects

  • Line effect
  • Fade effect
  • None effect
  • Coverflow3D effect
  • 8+ Math effects (only for slider)
  • 50+ CSS One effects
  • 250+ separate CSS effects
Effects feature

Hareware Accelerated

RubySlider completely used new techniques used in the transition effects to create smooth transition, fastest, and saves the system memory

Harewave accelerate feature

Fully Responsive

Fully supported responsive in all browsers and devices : desktop - tablet - mobile

Fully responsive feature


Slider initialized faster and smarter
Supported Image, Video, Iframe lazyload.

Lazyload feature

Image Position

Supported 5 position of image background: center - fit - fill - stretch - tile

Image position feature

Slideshow with Timer

Fully supported all functions of slideshow.

  • 2+ timer
  • PlayPause button
  • Delay - Loop - Hover pause - Auto run - ...
Slideshow feature

Powerful API

RubySlider is equipped with the powerful api.

  • Instant update options (upto 70% options)
  • Supported multiple, range value of option
  • Add - remove slides
  • Remote api from outside markup
Powerfull api feature

70+ Starter Templates

Included over 70+ slider & tabs basic templates

Starter templates feature


core script

minify & gziped


Full size of script 45kb


  • jQuery 1.9+, 2.x, 3.x supported
  • HTML5 valid and SEO friendly markup
  • CSS3 transitions with jQuery fallback
  • Hardware accelerated CSS3 transforms
  • Cross browser IE8+ and modern browsers
  • Setup options in HTML5 data attribute
  • Supported outside markup
  • Fallback options for old browser
  • Mobile-options for mobile device
  • Elements supported high resolution
  • Memory leak free
  • Supported integrated into Wordpress
  • 70+ starter templates


  • Designed as Modules
  • Touch swipe gesture
  • Mouse swipe gesture in Desktop
  • Instant initializing
  • Line - Fade effect
  • 8+ Math effects
  • 50+ CSS One, 250+ CSS Two - Four effects
  • Coverflow 3D effect
  • Fully Responsive
  • Center layout
  • Carousel, outbox slider layout
  • Nested slider
  • Multiple slider
  • Fullwidth, coverscreen slider layout
  • Height auto, height fixed layout
  • Caption of slide
  • Center - fill - fit - stretch - tile image position
  • Smart loading
  • Image lazyload
  • Youtube, Vimeo lazyload
  • Iframe lazyload
  • Keyboard, mousewheel event navigation

Tabs layout

  • None effect
  • 5+ style for Tabs
  • 14 position for pagination
  • Tabs - thumbnail - bullet - list pagination
  • Supported arrow, mark of pagination
  • Fully customizable for pagination
  • Fully supported Vertical Tabs
  • Area prevent touch swipe gestures


  • Fully functions of slideshow
  • Auto play - pause slideshow
  • Hover to pause slideshow
  • Arc - line timer control

Powerfull API & Modules

  • Deep linking module
  • Cookie module
  • Instant update options
  • Range value in option
  • Add - remove slide
  • Remote api from other markup